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Your co-innovation partner in
BioIT Platform Architecture

​R&D IT for Biotech

We create custom digital-solutions in cross-disciplinary life-science research and cloud-connected product offerings.

Pair-up BioDataSci with your startup's product-scientists to Visioneer your digital product, plan an architecture-runway, and build a hybrid-cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service).  We're your expert in high-performance data management, batch informatics, real-time calc-engines, AI-enabled microservices, virtual teams, and more.

Iteratively Explore, Design, Develop, Integrate, Test, Launch

BioIT Platform Consulting

​​Discovery-Engine Platform R&D and IT Architecture in complex, data-rich biotech environments.

Capabilities include visioneering, strategy, leadership and virtual t
eam building, data management, analytics, XaaS architecture, serverless microservices design and development, data science, HPC, AWS DevSecOps, microplate protocol robotics automation.

For a free consultation, contact:



Cambridge, MA 02142

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