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BioDataSci, Inc. was founded in 2017 by Jeremy Chambers, M.Sc. SE, CMU. He formerly consulted over a decade in Silicon Valley before moving East to write NGS bioinformatics software for 454 Life Sciences (acquired by Roche), build big-genomic-data POCs for Platform Computing (acquired by IBM), and lead hybrid-cloud, data architecture, and data science at Biogen.  He also served as Director of Data & Analytics at Servier Pharmaceuticals (Boston Seaport) which included creating and incubating a new AI R&D (LLM/RAG) capability using public biomedical data.

BioDataSci provides consulting services to biotech startups and major pharma.  Our clients (both in the US and abroad) typically need a mix of:


  • Broad and deep biotech domain knowledge and experience

  • Concept map to requirements with Product Scientists to refine MVP around their core ideas
  • Information Architecture and Data Governance based on FAIR principals
  • Strategy and derived Architecture Runway to lead Engineering
  • POCs to mitigate risk and substantiate greater investment
  • Multiparty data and analytics/ML/AI planning and coordination
  • Hybrid cloud, multilayer data and compute architectures with self-service capabilities
  • Data Science platform ecosystems, pipeline and model prototyping
  • Software engineering with advanced CI/CD and testing capabilities


Computer Engineering, Japanese
Data Science​
MS Software Engineering

Jeremy Forrest Chambers

Founder, Principal Consultant

BioIT Platforms and Discovery Engines

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