BioDataSci, Inc. was founded in 2017 by Jeremy Chambers, M.Sc. SE, CMU. He formerly founded and lead XcelAgent Software Consulting, Inc. for a decade in Silicon Valley before moving East to write NGS bioinformatics software for 454 Life Sciences (acquired by Roche), build big-genomic-data POCs for Platform Computing (acquired by IBM), and lead cloud architecture and data science at Biogen.



BioDataSci provides consulting services to biotech startups and major pharma.  Our clients typically need a mix of:


  • Broad and deep biotech domain knowledge and experience

  • Multiparty data and analytics planning and coordination
  • POCs to substantiate greater investment
  • Hybrid cloud, multilayer data and compute architectures with self-service capabilities
  • Software engineering with advanced CI/CD and testing capabilities


Computer Engineering, Japanese
Data Science‚Äč
MS Software Engineering

Jeremy Forrest Chambers

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Consultant, Founder, CEO

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