We seek Cambridge/Boston-area consultants for future engagements with one or more of the skills below:



  • AWS Cloud 

  • AWS Sagemaker, Google Colaboratory, Jupyter

  • SQL, NoSQL, Relational DB, Graph DB, GPU DB

  • Graphic designers preferably with javascript/html, React.js skills


Data Science / Computational Biology / Systems Biology

  • multi-omic data scientists with python

  • data engineering and mapping 

  • statistical data analysis with python, matplotlib and/or Tableau

  • machine learning with python

  • NLP and Deep Learning python with EHR, EMR data

 3D Tissue

  • synthetic biologists, genetic circuit engineering
  • cell / tissue engineering
    • chemically defined cell media, formulation
    • microfluidics, iPSC culturing, robotic handlers
    • perfusion chambers, small bioreactors, sensors


Par excellence:

  • prior consulting experience

  • speak English fluently

  • can diagram ideas and express their architecture at the whiteboard and/or with LucidCharts

  • write concisely and are well organized in one or more of these:

    • Microsoft Word

    • Atlassian Confluence (wiki)


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